PrevenTell is a national helpline for those who feel that they have lost control of their sexuality, who are worried about their thoughts and actions, or a afraid they will hurt themselves or someone else. The line is intended to improve the chances of getting help and treatment in time, and the goal is to prevent sexual assaults through programs targeting individuals in the risk zone. Behind PrevenTell is ANOVA, former Center for Andrology and Sexual Medicine.

Anyone who experiences worry, fear, anxiety or has questions about their sexual fantasies and actions can call PrevenTell. Loved ones or those involved in other ways, are of course also welcome to call. The person calling can remain anonymous. The call is free of charge, and the number will not appear on the phone bill.

Those answering the phone are nurses, licensed psychologists, and psychotherapists. We all have a great deal of experience with talking about and answering questions in the sexual sphere. Those in charge of treatment at ANOVA are psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and nurses. Treatment is primarily intended to prevent and stop unwanted or forbidden sexual behaviors with negative consequences—both for the individuals themselves and for those around them.

If you are a registered resident of Stockholm, you can contact ANOVA directly and make an appointment. No referral is needed. If you do not live in Stockholm, you are welcome to call PrevenTell to get support directly over the phone and help with where to turn for treatment. We have built up a national reference bank with a network of actors that come into contact with our care group—emergency psychiatry, adult psychiatry, child and youth psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, addiction care, habilitation, youth clinics, centers for men, men on-call centers, and private actors working with sexual issues.

The initiative to develop ANOVA’s existing operations with the PrevenTell helpline comes from the government, and the project is the only one of its kind in the world. If you, as a caregiver, have questions about the helpline, ANOVA’s operations, and the treatment, you are welcome to contact us at phone: +46 (0)8-517 732 00.