FAQ- suggested q and a:s

Who can call PrevenTell- The Helpline against unwanted sexuality?

Do you feel like your sexuality is hard, worrying or problematic? Then you can call us. Perhaps your sexual acts frighten or harm somebody. It does not matter how old you are, what gender you are or how big a problem you have. You are still welcome to call us. If you, as a close relative, are frightened or worried about someone’s sexuality you are also welcome to call us.

If one has a certain sexual behavior, can one change it?

It might be more or less difficult to change an undesired sexual behavior. Experience shows us, however, that in certain instances you can learn to control sexual acts where the negative consequences might be grave. For example sexual acts towards someone who does not comply. Most of us might also develop and encourage sexual thoughts and acts that are not contrary to the law and not to be ashamed of. In short – a sexuality that puts no one in harm’s way.

How much does is it cost to call PrevenTell?

It is free of charge to call PrevenTell and it will not show on your phone-bill.

Can’t I have sex again if I call you for help?

There’s nothing wrong in having a sexuality. On the contrary it’s important for everyone to do so. Sometimes, however, the type or direction and sheer magnitude itself can be a problem. The aim for the treatment is not for you to stop having sex but for you to have a sexuality in balance. One you are in control of and that is not harmful to you or others.

When can I apply for help from you?

Several factors decide if you can call us. For instance where you live, what kind of sexual problem you and how your general condition is. That is why we always make an individual assessment. We will ask questions to decide whether or when you should come to us. Certain conditions are to be treated at other clinics and if so we will help you contact them.

How much does it cost to get treatment at your clinic?

The charge is the same as the regular fee at Landstinget, i.e. normal patient fee. To see a psychiatrist costs as much as to see a regular specialist, that is 400 Sek per session. Psychotherapy is 100 Sek per session. When you reach the total of 1150 Sek you receive a free card for a full year.

How long is the treatment at your clinic?

There is no simple answer to that question. It depends on the nature and gravity of your problem.

How long time might the phone call be?

The call you make to PrevenTell may take the time necessary. We ask a number of questions to all that call in and from there it’s up to you how long time will be needed. Because of that it may be hard to predict how long any given call might take. If we are occupied with another call you may choose to leave your number, which will be erased afterwards, and we will call you back.

What would a telephone conversation be like?

When you call us you will get counsel from medical staff well experienced in sexual issues. We will have a series of standard questions that we ask everyone who calls us. We will ask you the reason you call and to describe your sexual problems yourself. Based on your answers we will make an assessment on how to best help you. We do not give treatment over the phone but we do offer support if needed. We can also direct you to other clinics depending on where you live and the nature of your problems.

Can I call anytime?

If we are not able to answer when you call it might be because we are in another call at the moment. You can leave your number and we will call you back when we get the opportunity. We erase all messages left to us after we have received them. You can call PrevenTell anytime of the day all year around and leave a message on our answering machine. We will call you back within twenty-four hours.

Can I call for someone else I know has a problem?

Yes, certainly. As a relative or close friend to someone you are also welcome to call us. If someone you know closely has a sexuality that worries you or even hurts you can call PrevenTell. You may of course remain anonymous and the phone call will not show on your phone bill.

If I don’t live in Stockholm, what do I do?

We have a collection of clinics in other locations of Sweden to refer you to. They are used to receiving people with problems of sexual nature. This collection of other clinics is growing. If you don’t live in the Stockholm region we will refer you to an appropriate clinic as close to your home as possible.

Must I reveal my identity when I call you?

No, you can remain anonymous when you call us. Within the medical system, however, there is an obligation to record all calls. If you choose to stay anonymous we will keep the counseling under a spare number. It will not be possible to connect that number with your identity. If you would become a patient of ours your social security number will be required.

Remember; you can’t undo what has happened in the past but you can always take responsibility for what will happen in the future.