Welcome to Preventell – Helpline for unwanted sexuality

PrevenTell is a national helpline for those who feel they have lost control of their sexual behavior, who are perhaps worried about their thoughts and actions, or who are afraid they might hurt themselves or someone else. With us, you will have a chance to speak anonymously with someone who has a great deal of professional experience with questions like these. Someone who can give you advice and then help you get further treatment if this is something you need. Of course, those who are loved ones or merely have questions about sexual problem behavior are also welcome to call us. Behind PrevenTell is ANOVA — former Center for Andrology and Sexual Medicine, Karolinska University Hospital.
Preventell’s helpline will be open between 12-15 on weekdays

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Who can call?

If you have questions about your or someone else’s sexuality are welcome to contact us.


What help do we offer?

With us you will talk to experienced staff who provide support and advice. Read more about the help you can get.


Questions and answers

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about PrevenTell and the help we provide.